Local Sponsorships

UPDATE (3/11/14): The sponsorship program is well underway. We already have sponsors locked in for about two dozen old and new cities. If you contacted us about sponsoring your city, we’ll be in touch soon. If you want in, email us@unitedpixelworkers.com.

★ ★ ★

Over the years, we’ve made local tees for over 50 cities across the U.S., Canada, and the UK. It’s been awesome to see local design and development communities come together as we light up their town on the Pixelworkers map. But as you’ve likely noticed, almost all of our local shirts are completely sold out and, in all likelihood, never to return. Because we sell only 25-100 of these tees in any given year, maintaining inventory is, well, cost prohibitive. The thing is, we really love those shirts. They’re what started United Pixelworkers way back in 2010. When printed the final five local tees, though, we were pretty sure that was the end of the road. We’ve been scratching our heads ever since, however, trying to work out a way to not only keep existing locals around but introduce new cities too. Well, we think we found a way.

Here’s the idea: Local Sponsorships.

Let’s say you want to sponsor the shirt from your city (or commission an entirely new city that we haven’t done yet). You’d send us your pledge, and we’d use that money to directly fund a print run of your city’s t-shirt. You’d get a prominent listing with your name, logo, bio, links, etc. on the shirt page plus the opportunity to include any small swag with the purchase of the shirt (stickers, pins, etc.) You’d hold the sponsorship until stock ran out, then the sponsorship would open up again. Oh, and your company gets a 15% discount on any United Pixelworkers merchandise for the life of the sponsorship. Here are the sponsorship tiers available:

  • $500 for 50 shirts
  • $1,000 for 100 shirts (for the NYCs and SFs of the world)

It’s a relatively small amount of money, but allows you to give back to your local web community in a unique way, and pretty neatly funds a print run for us. We quietly ran this by some friends and they encouraged us to go for it. The plan is to kick this off right after the holidays if everything falls into place. We’ve already got several cities lined up, but the majority of cities are still wide open. If you want to make something awesome happen, this is your chance.

We’re officially calling all studios, agencies, start-ups, Build Guilds, AIGAs, Refreshes, conferences, accelerators, freelancers, and tech giants. Are you ready to step up for your local community? Leave us a comment or email us@unitedpixelworkers.com.

Here are some comments

  1. Oh, heck yeah! I’ve always introduced myself as a “Proud Representative of Newnan, GA” so this’ll be awesome! On top of that, I just started a design studio here in town.

    This is great stuff, guys. Keep it up!

  2. I’m down for that. I’m currently in the process of moving across country from Los Angeles to my native Baltimore (Go Ravens!), but when I get there I’d totally be down to sponsor another round of Local 410 tees. :D

  3. This is absolutely brilliant! I love it. This is my big chance to get my Albuquerque t-shirt. :-) Clarifying question: for new cities (like ABQ), does the sponsor provide the design or do we get to rely on your brilliance and talent to create the design?

  4. Rochester, NY! Lots of pixel benders here. I am a proud supporter of united pixel workers. I am a former member in NYC but, moved to the ROC and now need a way to represent.

  5. Is there some way for a single-person to commission a city shirt, but then get a percentage of sales back to recoup the purchase over time? e.g. if I personally front the money a 25 shirt run, can I get one shirt free, and then enough of the proceeds to re-coop my initial investment over time. I really want one of these shirts, but my company isn’t the type to do the sponsorship thing (not for this).

  6. For smaller cities, do you do regional sponsorship (includes a few cities and towns)?

  7. I’m looking for a good vendor to do some T’s for my firm and love the quality of the Massachusetts shirt I got from you guys. I you able to reveal who the vendor is so I can have them do some work for me? Thx