Who Wants To Go To ConvergeSE?

UPDATE: Congrats to Jeff Portaro. He’s the winner of the free pass to ConvergeSE.

★ ★ ★

We have a free conference pass for ConvergeSE, the awesome web conference from our friends at Unmatched Style happening May 1–3, 2014 in Columbia, SC. Wanna go? You know the drill. Leave a comment below and we’ll choose a winner at random this Friday.


We spoke at ConvergeSE last year and had a blast. Whoever wins, make sure to eat some fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese for us.

Here are some comments

  1. I live in driving distance. Love that conference have been to it myself. The Unmatched Style guys are really cool would love to hang out with them again.

    Thanks for making nice shirts for me to wear too.

  2. I’ve paid for everyone at carbonhouse to go the last three years. It would be nice if I could go.

  3. Man, I sure would love to go! I am somewhat new to web development and would love to gain as much knowledge as possible! OH! And connect with awesome people.

  4. Yes please! I really enjoy conferences with a breadth of topics to learn about. The speaker lineup and range of content is pretty awesome.

  5. Would love to attend this conference! It keeps getting bigger and better each year. Reminds me that I need to order your Local 803 tee.

  6. Been around the world, don’t speak the laaaaaanguage, but that booty don’t need explaaaaainin’

  7. I would love to go and cannot afford to right now. Be great to get a free pass. Thanks.

  8. I work in education and we are facing a budget cut in NC. I would like a free pass.