It’s time for your close-up!


Dig that Original Standard Issue tee out of the back of your closet and put on your best smile, Pixelworkers. It’s time for your close-up. We’re looking for pictures of you guys wearing your favorite UP gear to add to our product pages. Here are some examples of what we’re looking for (and the basic ground rules):

  • You have to be wearing the shirt. As neatly folded as these are, they’re not quite what we’re looking for.
  • Faces are good. No faces are less good.
  • Make ’em square, and make sure they’re correctly oriented. You’re all design professionals, you know how to use Photoshop to fix a backwards bathroom mirror selfie.
  • It doesn’t have to be just t-shirts. We’ll take shots of any UP product (ex: Ryan taking our Standard Issue hat way too seriously).
  • BONUS: designers wearing their own shirts. Thanks, Evan.
  • We hate to be squares, but absolutely, positively, no profanity or funny business (sorry Manny).

Got it? Good. Oh, and there’s something in it for you too, besides the glory of having your smiling face on United Pixelworkers. If we use your photo, we’ll send you a discount code good for 20% off a UP purchase. Does it get any better? No, friends, it doesn’t.

You know you want to take advantage of the spring sunshine, so get out there and put on your own photo shoot. Have fun with it. Look proud. Look strong. Look tough. You can even look disinterested, or whatever it is that Jay looks like here. Get the kids or pets involved. We’ll take the best of the best and add ‘em to our product pages, like so. Having solid pictures of people in our tees benefits everyone. Finally you’ll be able to get a better idea if you should stick with a large or size up to an XL. Or maybe you’re looking to buy a gift, but you’re not sure what size they wear, this should help.

So that’s the deal. Put on any UP tee we’ve ever made. Fix your hair and brush your teeth. Snap your pics. Make sure they’re as high resolution as you can get ‘em. Email ‘em to us with the subject line “Pictures for Pixelworkers” (and make sure to include your name and location). We’ll do the rest. Thanks in advance, pals!

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