Here are some comments

  1. Just started working on my first Ruby on Rails project and would love to get the chance to mingle with ruby veterans and sport my extensive collection of UP/CB gear

  2. Been a pixel working since 1996 and buying my first Standard Issue Link UP shirt now. Cant wait to wear it! Hopefully at Steel City Ruby Conf too!

  3. Pittsburgh’s not my home but it’s an awesome town, and Steel City Ruby’s a great conference! Now I just gotta get that Baltimore 410 shirt sponsored…

  4. Wait! Did you guys give away the Steel City Ruby passes yet? If not, I’m a Philly guy, and I’m sure that I live in the coolest, hippest city in PA. Send me to Pittsburgh and prove me wrong.

  5. I want one. I’m in philly and my jam is JS / Node. It’d be fun to learn and such