Win a Free Macaw License

Hello, again. We come bearing gifts.

Do you design things? Are you familiar with Macaw? Look here, Macaw lets you design real, honest-to-goodness websites not pictures of websites. You work visually but you see the code, and, lo, it was good. That’s all we’ve ever asked for.


We are authorized to give away two completely free Macaw licenses (retail price: $179!). If you’ve been paying attention, the way we give away licenses is utterly private, spamless, and doesn’t require you to nag a single one of your friends. Just go here, enter your email, and wait. Since Macaw is crazy awesome and we want everyone to have a chance to sign up, we’ll do the drawing Friday morning. How’s that?

One more thing. The guys who make Macaw are terribly friendly and make money by selling products directly to you, the customer. What a novel idea. If you want to support Macaw, go buy a license when this little contest is over. We have a fantastic discount for you: get Macaw for just $99 when you enter the code “UNITEDPIXELWORKERS”. That’s a steal.

Standard disclaimer: these email addresses will be used exclusively for the purpose of selecting contest winners.

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